Light Dark from Shutter

Serie de fotografía artística Claro oscuro desde la obturación

1er y segundo lugar con mención de honor en el VII Salón del artista de la Universidad Central de Bogotá Colombia.

Winning works:

 Autor-Retrato y Kleitoris.

Autor. Carlos Becerra Silva

The series of artistic photography arose on a field trip to Villa de Leyva in Boyacá-Colombia, it is a series of photographs taken with my camera in manual mode in grayscale and the objective was to take each photograph in a single shot, that is to say I interpreted the light of the scene, I set up the camera and I shot... Achieving one of the most interesting works of my professional career, of the 90 photographs that make up Dark Light from Shutter, two photographs were awarded and allowed me to acquire the title of artist: VII Salón del Artista de la Universidad Central where I was a professor of advertising photography from 2012 to 2019. I obtained first place with the photography Author-Portrait and second place with an honorable mention with the work Kleitorís... Likewise, the series has participated in several art exhibitions currently the work is part of permanent exhibition and sale in SAATCHI ART

Claro Oscuro desde la Obturación

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