Fine Art Photography Series Cultivating the flesh

Obra de fotografía artística expuesta en la Temporada del Arte de la Universidad Central  en el año 2018. Su montaje ocupó un área de 4 mts x 2mts. La obra fue diseñada para exponerse en un área total de 12 mts de largo  x 4mts de alto, Su creación conceptualización y desarrollo involucró en su preproducción , producción y postproducción el apoyo del equipo de agencia de imágenes en la dirección de arte, puesta en escena, sesión de fotos y postproducción digital...

“Si sintieses o mirases, o te sentases y tomarás contacto contigo mismo, llegarías al silencio. Y así las cosas te serían reveladas”

Expectation piece


Clear conscience...
It goes...
I'm from the Fifth...
Your baseness


Just like when a hypocrite believes that his lies have not been revealed.

"In the second week of the third day, of the eighth month of 2017, they cultivated the meat for the third time that year, that day they ""collected" with Vale Coconito their crop at the Airport..."". Likewise, in the second week of the fourth day of the eighth month of 2018 when they see you on the cycle path: "their conscience exposes them." They may think that their lies were understood as truth before their victims and relatives: Girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends... That hypocrite after avoiding the look with a previous jump in your heart rate and in the path of your walk; he continues his journey with anxiety in his heart; He heads towards Policarpa HPúlido to fornicate again with whom he professed his love from the betrayal of love, trust, family and God... They believed with certainty that their express lies had covered their sins: filth, lasciviousness, hypocrisy, adulteries, fornications, contentions and orgies; they still revel in their conscienceless Machiavellian spirit, vanished and subjugated by the flesh. Truly I say to you: do not forget it! Today and always there will be hope; between heaven and earth the revealed truth will prevail now and always just as divine justice will govern all understanding and action in due time. Be patient and from your affliction the spirit is reborn through forgiveness and love: Whoever hates loses. Growing Meat I:1-4

Trailer Cultivating the flesh

From August 21st to 25th, 2018, as part of the Art Season, it was exhibited in the Auditorium. The artwork continued to be displayed at the North Campus Library until October 1st, 2018.

Commentary on the Artistic Work by Ricardo Toledo Castellanos

Cultivating the flesh Series

Exhibitions and recognitions

The work continued to be exhibited at the Central University Library until the end of October 2018, sparked a discussion, debate and interview on the radio station LaUD 90.4 fm estereo in December 2018, it is currently part of the permanent exhibition of Aima-Agencia de Imágenes and the audiovisual format of the artistic photography series is in the pre-production process.

"If you felt or looked, or sat down and made contact with yourself, you would reach silence, And thus things would be revealed to you."